Engraved Spyderco Cricket Puget Sound Knife

Today is just a simple little engraved Spyderco Cricket folding pocket knife.  These stainless steel Spydercos are very nice quality knives that engrave well, and it’s fun to occasionally work on one.

Above, I’ve cut the lines of the design, here in a NW Native American style with salmon and octopus.  The top image is plain as cut, and the bottom I’ve inked the lines.  I like to do a preliminary inking of the lines before I begin to remove the background.  It cuts down on glare, and anything that helps my old eyes is a good thing…

Above I’ve removed the background areas with a carbide bur, being careful to “color” within the lines, and keep the floor as flat as I can.

Next, I stippled the background areas with a tiny, sharp pointed punch.  This particular punch I’ve ground with four flat surfaces coming together at a point

Kup Cipro bez recepty

, so the mark it leaves is a tiny inverted pyramid in the metal.  This leaves a matte background that will accept and hold ink really well.  It also doesn’t look bad all by itself…

And here is the finished version, shown both inked and uninked.  I’ll have this little Spyderco for sale at the 1st Annual Seattle International Knife Show, April 26th and 27th (2014) where I’m excited to say I’ve been invited to exhibit.  Hope to see you there!

Thanks for Looking!

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  1. Doug Sutherland says:

    Hi Tom, I just seen this after i wrote you. Congratulations. Beautiful little design.

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