Engraving Titanium and Gold Dragonfly Earrings

My special lady wants a pair of dragonfly earrings, so here’s the start. Cutting the blanks from 1/16 inch thick titanium, and cutting the basic lines. Tomorrow, inlaying gold bodies…

Clockwise from top left – excavating the pocket/undercutting the edges/heavy stippling in the bottom; putting in gold wire; scraping off the excess gold; inlaid gold stoned smooth. Next, relieve and stipple the background.

Removing the background with gravers and tiny carbide burs, followed by stippling with a sharp carbide point. Getting close to finishing this one. Bad news, though, ’cause there’s a second one…

The earrings are finished. They are a shade smaller than 3/4 of an inch square, hand engraved in CP titanium and 24 karat gold.

Another view of the earrings.

Thanks for looking!

Tom Sterling


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