Making Gold Cherry Blossom Inlays for Engravers

Check out Tom’s new eBook tutorial, Making Gold Cherry Blossom Inlays for Engravers If, like me, you’re fascinated by hand crafts from the past, here’s how to create your own elegant inlaid precious metal cherry blossom works of art from Japanese art history. All for the princely sum of $2.99 (USDollars).
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Making Gold Cherry Blossom Inlays for Engravers is intended for experienced intermediate or advanced skill engravers. These instructions lead you step by step through creating your own hand engraved and inlaid gold cherry blossoms. Detailed illustrated instructions and materials source list teach you to make a hardened steel punch for preliminary shaping of inlaid cherry blossoms


, followed by adding hand engraved details for tiny, elegant cherry or plum blossoms to really enhance your art.

Forty pages of fun and beautiful tutorial will help you learn to create these tiny gold blossoms. With a little practice

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, you’ll be able to produce a finished blossom in about thirty minutes. Once you’ve mastered these simple techniques, you’ll be ready to embellish your own original creations!

The sky’s the limit as you apply these simple techniques to create amazing eye-popping embellished designs. Ideal for a wide range of reenacting, cosplay, crafts and jewelry uses.

Author’s Note – This book is best viewed on electronic devices that support color. Many of the images and instruction figures and drawings may be more difficult to follow on devices that render images in grayscale or black and white.

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