Engraving a Classic Adams Trout Fly eBook

Engraving a Classic Adams Trout Fly eBook
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Engraving a Classic Adams Trout Fly is intended for experienced intermediate or advanced skill engravers. These instructions lead you step by step through creating your own hand engraved and gold inlaid Adams-style trout fly, a classic fly pattern that’s well known to every fly fishing enthusiast. Detailed illustrated instructions teach you to engrave a tiny beautiful and graceful Addams fly to really enhance your fly fishing art.

Nine pages and 33 illustrated individual steps of fun and beautiful tutorial will help you learn to quickly produce these tiny engraved flies. With a little practice, you’ll soon be ready to embellish your own original creations!

The sky’s the limit as you apply these simple techniques to create amazing eye-popping embellished designs. You’ll be able to use these same techniques to make many other kinds and styles of trout fishing flies. Ideal for a wide range of fly fishing related equipment, crafts and jewelry uses.

Author’s Note – This book is best viewed on electronic devices that support color. Many of the images and instruction figures and drawings may be more difficult to follow on devices that render images in grayscale or black and white.

Download The Free Engraved Adams Fly Transfer Pattern Here: Download