Traditional Baskets

When it comes to corralling clutter, few storage solutions are better (or add texture and style to your surroundings)  than baskets.  It is not only the casual elegance or form and function that make my traditional baskets popular; they’re affordable as well!

They can:
–Hold magazines, TV remotes, or couch throws in a family room.
–Store extra pillows, blankets or books in the bedroom.
–Great to corral books, letters, notepads in your work area.
–Receptacle to fill with candy, bath salts, or other goodies.
–Fabulous in organizing knitting or craft projects
–Keep towels, tissue, or toilet paper handy in the powder room.
–Provide a pleasing receptacle for recyclables.
–Attractively accommodate outgoing mail, books, or car keys in an entry way.
–Makes a nice visual element in a decorative display.

Baskets provide a hassle free solution.  The wide assortment of basket shapes, sizes, colors and texture appeals to your imagination.  Perfect opportunity to personalize furniture pieces and decorative accessories.


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