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My current sales page at  Arizona Custom Knives:

My past sales page at  Tom at

Follow Tom on Instagram:
Follow Tom on Facebook:

Bladesmith’s Forum, where I sometimes hang out:  Bladesmith’s Forum

Following the  Following the

Awesome netsuke carving by Clive Hallam:
and his Facebook page:

Excellent Japanese-style metal artistry by Ford Hallam:
and his Facebook page:

The Engraver’s Cafe:  Engraver’s

Engraving  Engraving

Daniel Mitsui Illustrations, very cool:  Daniel Mitsui Illustrations

Cheryl Samuel’sWeaving,
Woodturnings and Celtic Drawing:

And if you’re in the Seattle area, the Northwest Knife Collector’s association:

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  1. Danny Martinez says:

    You do beautiful work. I was looking for an old tutorial you did on making rawhide knife wraps and sheaths. Do you know where I might find that?

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