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Skull and Dead Eye Tavern Ring Tutorial

Starting a new tellurium copper Tavern Ring, this time a single large skull, with a few surprises yet to come. Stay tuned… Tellurium copper machines and carves more like brass than copper. Pure copper is really gummy, but tellurium copper … Continue reading

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Knapadonia Challenge Coin Tutorial

I’m curious to see if I can make this work: a coining die so I can create small copper challenge coins in my little 20 ton press. Every year, I try to create an art object as a fundraising opportunity … Continue reading

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Knapped Steel Neck Knife

Last August, I spent a week working at our local knap-in, where lots of stone tool knappers come and hobknob with each other. Lots of work, but lots of fun as well! While at the knap-in, I saw a friend’s artwork … Continue reading

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Stag Beetle Tavern Ring Tutorial

Starting a “Tavern Ring” (with thanks to http://hellgnome.rocks for the name I blatantly stole from him…), in tellurium copper. I’m planning to add a stainless steel inlay using my hare-brained scheme technique. Hope it works… Marking out and cutting the … Continue reading

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Hydraulic Press Inlay Tutorial

Another hare-brained scheme – I have a couple of leftover stainless steel cutouts from making my better half’s earrings. It occurred to me to press them into thick copper for a pendant. Here’s the result so far… Above are the … Continue reading

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Combined CNC and Hand Engraving on a Hobo Silver Dollar with Handprint Skull

After a few successes with wood Pharmacie Montignac Dordogne Pharmacie de la Vézère , moose antler and brass it’s time for something a little more challenging. There have been a few technical glitches and broken end mills along the way, … Continue reading

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Combining CNC and Engraving Tutorial

Here’s the reason I haven’t been posting the last several weeks – I’m learning CNC (Computer Numeric Control milling). Here are my latest successful efforts (emphasis on the successful…). The desert ironwood skull is inspired by a similar one by … Continue reading

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Engraving Sampler CRKT Squid Knife Tutorial

Above is a small test (rose gold inlay) for a new project – an engraving sampler pocket knife for myself, so I have a sample of my work with me at all times. I made my old sampler knife a … Continue reading

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Bear Skull Blade Fetish Tutorial

A new project, with a recycled tiny bear skull carved from antler I found hidden away in a forgotten box. I can no longer carve organic materials for health reasons, and this will be the last of my wood, antler … Continue reading

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CRKT Burnley Squid Shishiaibori-style Engraved Bamboo Knife Tutorial

Beginning a hand engraved bamboo theme in sunken relief on a CRKT Squid knife, with an inlaid gold Ganesh cartouche. I begin by mounting the knife on a special 2-piece hardwood holder (originally designed by engraver Mitch Moschetti). Don’t forget … Continue reading

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