Ants Miseretto part 8

Finally!  Today I finished the canvas!

Above, I took corners off of the shibuichi scales, using my belt grinder.

Then, I started draw filing the edges, working them down even with the steel edges of the blade.

Here you can see I’m starting to get the shibuichi scales even with the steel.  I’m actually cutting into the steel a little to make everything flush – you can see where a little of the dark blued steel still remains.

Above, I’ve rotated the knife so the scale is oriented to the top.  If you will recall, we tapered the scales, both front and back, now we need to fair those angular cuts, making a smooth transition from the sides to the flat top.

Here, I’ve begun to do that, by draw filing with my favorite fine cut, almost worn out file.  You can see my progress where the Sharpie marker has been cut away.

And here I’m almost done, just a few areas needing a little work.

Above, I’ve faired the scales, and also smoothed them with a ScotchBrite™ pad in my Foredom flex shaft grinder.  I need to add “scribble” texture to the steel areas in front and behind the shibuichi scales.

And here, I’ve added the texture, blued the steel, and lightly patinated the shibuichi scales.  The canvas is now finished, ready to add the ants and other embellishments.  I also have to finalize the design that has been floating around in my mind.  This is where the hard part begins…

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