Ants Miseretto part 19

Carving the bark today, before I get too far on the centipede.

Above, I’ve begun carving the bark using a round graver with a pretty broad sweep.  You can see three little bark spots I’ve already completed, and the gold colored area is where I’ve been working with the round graver.  I’ll follow up the graver cuts with a round faced punch.

Here I’ve added a quick and dirty patina to get an idea of how the bark will look.

Above, I’ve gone back and forged over the carved surfaces with the round faced punch and my Lindsay Nitro G20 airgraver.  This punch has a sort of frosted finish on it, leaving behind a bit of texture.  This is bark, so I don’t want a smooth, shiny finish left behind.

You can read a little more about the powerful Lindsay Nitro G20 airgraver here:

Continuing on around the other side, here I’ve used the round graver and carved the bark surfaces.

Above, I’ve used the punch on all the gold colored areas.  The Nitro G20 airgraver really makes short work of the forged punching/sculpting.

And here we are with the patina applied.  You can see the round graver and the punch in this image.  These are the only two tools I used for this round of carving and forging/sculpting.

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