Dried Sardine Scalpel and Reliquary – Finishing Up – Part 6

Finally finished!  It’s only been a year in the works………….



, we’re finally within striking distance of finishing this puppy.  Time to add all the eyes.  I turned moose antler for the whites of the eyes, and dark horn for the pupils. Above, you can see the antler installed and trimmed, and the cylinders of dark horn glued in for the pupils.  Next, I’ll trim the horn flush.

Here’s a view of the bottom side.  I’ve trimmed all the eyes flush, except for one, which will serve as one of the locating pins for the reliquary lid.  You can see the other pin (brass rod) at the rear.

Here’s a view of all the elements, disassembled.

Views of the scalpel, both sides.

The finished lid.

More detail…

And, another view of the finished reliquary, completely assembled.

Come see the Dried Sardine Scalpel and Reliquary at the 1st Annual Seattle International Knife Show, April 26th and 27th (2014) where I’m excited to say I’ve been invited to exhibit.  Hope to see you there!

Thanks for Looking!



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