Dragonsbane Poniard – Part 10 – Finished

Thank goodness it’s finally finished!  The “Dragonsbane Poniard” is engraved and carved 1045 carbon steel, with 24 karat gold inlays, carved copper crossguard, 22 inches overall length, and a huge pain to carve and engrave. This was one of those projects that gets more abandoned than finished! Remind me not to do another really large dagger like this. Or any really large engraved knife. Really. ‘Cause I’m likely to do something insane like this again. It’s just my way… Help. Please stop me…

Dragonsbane_Poniard_75 Dragonsbane_Poniard_77 Dragonsbane_Poniard_79

Thanks for looking!

And come see this dagger (and me) at the 1st Annual Seattle International Knife Show this weekend (April 26th and 27th


, 2014) in Kirkland WA.  Looking forward to seeing you there!


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