Knapped Chalcedony Stone Dagger and Tulipwood Presentation Box

Tulipwood_Presentation_Box_Posting_1Some of you will remember the recent upper left image – my daughter laid claim to the chalcedony stone blade at the red arrow tip, and demanded a knife like the one laying on top (it’s not her birthday or Xmas). So, I carved a moose antler handle, and antiqued it. Then I used an ancient Native American fixative (called e-pox-y) to permanently affix the blade. Then my better half insisted I make a tulipwood presentation box for the stone knife. Keeping my girls happy… I’ll show the box making tomorrow…

You can find more information about making this style of presentation box in the Resources Section at this link:

Here’s the start of the presentation box. You need thin wood

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, I resaw standard lumber (cut in half along the thickness) and then plane thinner. Superglue and spray accelerator speeds things up.

The next steps in assembling the presentation box. I ended up with the pivot block a little too close to the box bottom

, and had to correct by carving a bevel on the box bottom so the lid could fold back far enough…I’m calling that “graceful degradation.”

Tulipwood_Presentation_Box_Posting_4The final steps – trimming everything up and sanding smooth, with a linseed oil finish. I chose to round over the edges of this presentation box in a retro-1980s style that seems to work well with a stone knife.

Thanks for Looking!

Tom Sterling

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