Helheim Dagger in Knapped Steel – Part 4

Today I’m finishing up the engraving on the Odin side of the Helheim Dagger.

Above, I’ve finished shading the Celtic knots of Odin’s beard and the little Celtic ornament at the bottom.  I’ve added a little temporary Sharpie™ inking just to see how things will look.  You can see the definite contrast between the shaded lower half and the unshaded top half.  Shading really makes thing pop and come to life!

And, above, I finished all of the shading


, added some fine decorative cuts to the gold helmet “eyebrows,” and inked the whole thing.  This is my first time doing much engraving on 24 karat gold – surprisingly, even though gold is really soft, it is surprisingly difficult to engrave well.  Because it is so soft!  Next, I’ll start on the Hel side.  No rest for the wicked!

Thanks for Looking!

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