Helheim Dagger in Knapped Steel – Part 5

Now it’s time to work on the Hel side of the Helheim Dagger.  I can’t claim sole authorship of the Hel design – my daughter has done a lot (most?) of that work.  I’ve been stymied for a while on this side, and my she solidified the design and came up with the shading protocols.  Thanks – now get back to studying!

In the two images above, you can see the transfer applied (left image) and the first set of engraved cuts (on the right).  Next, I’ll inlay the gold trim on her robe, and I have to do something about Hel’s dead eye.  I’m leaning towards a moose antler inlay, similar to Japanese netsuke of ghosts and decapitated heads.

Above is one of a famous Japanese netsuke

, and one of my favorites (albeit a really horrible little thing!).  I’ll do something like the inlaid eye in this one for Hel’s dead half.

Thanks for Looking!

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