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CRKT Burnley Squid Shishiaibori-style Engraved Bamboo Knife Tutorial

Beginning a hand engraved bamboo theme in sunken relief on a CRKT Squid knife, with an inlaid gold Ganesh cartouche. I begin by mounting the knife on a special 2-piece hardwood holder (originally designed by engraver Mitch Moschetti). Don’t forget … Continue reading

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Viking Dragon Pendant Tutorial

Here’s how a Viking dragon pendant design begins. I established the top half (dragon head) first with pencil, followed by inking, scanning and Adobe Photoshop cleanup. Then I tailored the lower half (dragon body) to the head. Above, the basic … Continue reading

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Engraved Case Knife Tutorial

Something new for me, four bolsters on a Case knife. I begin by scanning the knife and developing an outline of the bolsters. Then a pencil sketch of my design (above). I create the design in a much larger size … Continue reading

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