Celtic Line Drawing

My work often includes Celtic Line Drawing designs.  I learned an easy method from Ms Cheryl Samuel many years ago, and have been using and teaching her methods ever since.  Here’s a link to Cheryl’s Celtic Line Drawing instruction booklets – when I started with her, these were in black and white!  Now I feel old….. 🙁  http://ravenstail.com/store/dvd-booklets/

I have a free tutorial on basic Celtic Plaitwork available here at the Engraver’s Forum: http://www.handengravingforum.com/showthread.php?t=6047
You might need to be a member of the forum to see the images, but membership is free, and there is a lot of really excellent engraving and instruction to be seen here!

If you watch this animated GIF for a few moments, you can see the basic method in action – IT’S EASY!  

You can purchase ($10 via Paypal, and available to view for thirty days) two more advanced tutorials available at the Engraver’s Forum on how to do Celtic Cutwork and Celtic Circle knots.  Here’s the link (Bottom of the page):  http://www.engravinglessons.com/On-Demand%20Engraving%20Tutorials.htm

These advanced tutorials are focussed on engraving, but the great majority of the information applies to any artistic medium.  This advanced Celtic work is where the fun really begins!  Below are some examples of Celtic Cutwork and Circles I’ve used in my work.  In these two advanced tutorials you will learn to create this type of art!

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