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Tree Frog Skeleton Dogtag Tutorial

Starting a frog skeleton dogtag project on a Grade 1 titanium Boker-brand blank. I begin by cutting the outlines, then inlaying the 24 karat pure gold. Removing the background on the titanium frog skeleton dogtag. A pretty big job… Here’s … Continue reading

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WESN Knife Koi Tutorial

I’m baaaaack! Starting a Japanese-style koi engraving on a sweet little WESN folding knife. The Grade 5 titanium (6Al4V) scale is pretty tough stuff, but this little neck knife is so nice I’ll suffer through! Adding 24 karat gold inlays … Continue reading

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Copper Crab Pocket Fetish Tutorial

Beginning a tellurium copper pocket fetish with the previous crab theme. However, I first have to cut the design on the back side, because if I cut the front side first, I’ll never get the piece square and flat in … Continue reading

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Knapped Push Dagger Tutorial

Time to start another knife project. I think this will be a small push dagger buy cheap kamagra oral jelly , in knapped steel style with my nasty “ripper edge. Grinding my signature “knapped steel” flake scars into 3/16 … Continue reading

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Dragonfly Hobo Nickel Tutorial

I need a little timeout from the hummingbird skull reliquary , so here’s the start of a fun Hobo Nickel with a gold dragonfly. I’m leveling out Jefferson’s head with a punch and abrasive stones, and beginning the engraving. … Continue reading

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Skull Cache Pocket Fidget Toy and Pocket Fetish Tutorial

Starting a tellurium copper pocket fidget toy and fetish. Quarter inch thick tellurium copper – this stuff machines, engraves and carves really well! None of the gummy/smeary problems ordinary copper has. Marking out and cutting the blank to size. I’ll … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Skull Reliquary

Starting a new reliquary project. This is the first of several elements, a 1075 carbon steel blade in my signature “knapped steel” style. Using a small drum sander, I’m carving in the flake scars that would be left from knapping … Continue reading

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