WESN Knife Koi Tutorial

I’m baaaaack! Starting a Japanese-style koi engraving on a sweet little WESN folding knife. The Grade 5 titanium (6Al4V) scale is pretty tough stuff, but this little neck knife is so nice I’ll suffer through!

Adding 24 karat gold inlays and removing the background on the Grade 5 titanium WESN Knife

Sculpting the “splash” on the Grade 5 titanium WESN Knife. 1st deepening the cuts next to the fish, then sculpting by carving away everything that’s not splash. Tiny Carbide round bur used for carving.

Time to add tiny little engraved cuts to shade the Grade 5 titanium WESN Knife. Zillions of tiny tapered lines on all those scales…

The Grade 5 titanium WESN Koi Knife is finished now that the special black stuff for inking has finally been delivered.

The finished knife, next to a US quarter for scale.

Thanks for Looking!

Tom Sterling


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