Steel Bladed Knives

Unique collaborations of two ancient arts, combining knives and sculpture. Each creation is an original masterpiece, evocative of times long past. Long fascinations with many artistic and historic disciplines have led to artistic interpretations of the tools and weapons of bygone worlds, resulting in a fascinating fusion of cultures. Nordic, Celtic, Aztec, Mayan and Northwest Native American influences are often noticeable, but whimsy occasionally lets fly as well. Internationally known sculptor Tom Sterling creates handles from semi-precious hardwoods, horn, antler and fossil ivories. While we don’t expect our knives to be used, we intend for them to be completely useable. Our construction methods typically use exposed or hidden tenons, pegs or other mechanical holding mechanisms as well as top grade fixatives to ensure a lasting, museum quality work of art.

6 Responses to Steel Bladed Knives

  1. Willem Parel says:

    Congratulations with your great Blog Tom. (I found it on Sam- and Steve’s site)
    It’s very informative and very interesting to watch.
    I like your style and enjoyed watching every piece on it, the spyderco with the sculls is beautyful engraved.
    Thanks for the tutorial, that’s what a beginner in engraving like me is looking for to learn the “secrets” of engraving.
    Thanks for showing.

    • Paloma says:

      Thank You so very much for sharing your kwnelodge and skills !!!!!Your work is very impressive and inspiring. I have always hoped that I could do some small carvings when I retire in a few years, and Netsuke have always been a form of carving that I admire and seem to have some type of connection with. Thank you again for Your kindness in sharing these skills with others. Mike

  2. dustin shepard says:

    Is anything for sell

  3. George Cerrato says:

    Beautiful work, Tom. I was just showing my son the basket we bought from you years ago with the stag beetle on it. Do you ever do studio tours? I’d love to show my son your work. Thanks for considering George.

    • metal_musings says:

      Hi George, Thanks for the very kind words, and thanks so much for your generous support of my art! I live in Florida now, but if you’re ever in this neck of the woods, I’ll be glad to give you a tour!


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