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Tree Frog Skeleton Dogtag Tutorial

Starting a frog skeleton dogtag project on a Grade 1 titanium Boker-brand blank. I begin by cutting the outlines, then inlaying the 24 karat pure gold. Removing the background on the titanium frog skeleton dogtag. A pretty big job… Here’s … Continue reading

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When god was a Woman Earrings

I’ve always loved the prehistoric “Venus” carvings, so I decided to make a press forming die for some Venus of Willendorf earrings, and maybe some other uses. Above is my computer model of the Venus of Willendorf, originally sculpted in … Continue reading

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Skull and Dead Eye Tavern Ring Tutorial

Starting a new tellurium copper Tavern Ring, this time a single large skull, with a few surprises yet to come. Stay tuned… Tellurium copper machines and carves more like brass than copper. Pure copper is really gummy, but tellurium copper … Continue reading

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Combining CNC and Engraving Tutorial

Here’s the reason I haven’t been posting the last several weeks – I’m learning CNC (Computer Numeric Control milling). Here are my latest successful efforts (emphasis on the successful…). The desert ironwood skull is inspired by a similar one by … Continue reading

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Bear Skull Blade Fetish Tutorial

A new project, with a recycled tiny bear skull carved from antler I found hidden away in a forgotten box. I can no longer carve organic materials for health reasons, and this will be the last of my wood, antler … Continue reading

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Viking Dragon Pendant Tutorial

Here’s how a Viking dragon pendant design begins. I established the top half (dragon head) first with pencil, followed by inking, scanning and Adobe Photoshop cleanup. Then I tailored the lower half (dragon body) to the head. Above, the basic … Continue reading

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Titanium Dragonflies Pendant and Earrings Suite Tutorial

Beginning a titanium and gold dragonfly-themed pendant and earrings set.  The pendant is 2.25 inches high by 0.9 inches wide. Mirror image earrings are 0.9 inches high by 0.5 inches wide. Above is the beginning of the Grade 2 titanium … Continue reading

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Titanium Tiger and Bamboo Dogtag Tutorial

  I’m starting a new project, a Tiger and Bamboo themed titanium dogtag in Japanese shishiaibori-style (sunken relief). All of the design is carved below the original surface of the metal. This has the advantage of protecting the engraving from … Continue reading

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World War II-style Damascus Steel Grenade Lanyard Bead

Starting another damascus steel and copper lanyard bead. Here I’m lathe turning the grenade body out of Geoff Keyes Damascus steel.  I’ve spent some time step drilling the 1/4 inch diameter hole through the center.  Damascus steel, since it’s made of … Continue reading

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Fine English Scroll Earrings

My wife is starting a line of jewelry, and here are a pair of titanium earrings destined for a bit of Fine English Scroll engraving – at least my take on what I think Fine English Scroll is. The actual … Continue reading

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