Art Baskets

Unique collaborations painstakingly carved and woven from natural materials. Porcelain, fossil ivories, lovely hardwoods, antler, reed, cane and fine Irish linen grace these tiny and elegant creations which often embrace Native American mythology. These diminutive works are also loosely rooted in antique netsuke, an ancient Japanese artform of extraordinary elegance, detail, originality and subtlety. Tiny, with intricate detail, this artwork is intimate on a scale unknown in most art circles. Currently exhibiting in Penn Cove Gallery, 9 NW Front Street, Coupeville WA 98239 (360) 678-1176







3 Responses to Art Baskets

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  2. victoria says:

    These are absolutely exquisite. Many should be in museums. Who is/are the artists? Where are they sold, if ever? A feast for the soul, thank you.

    • metal_musings says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Victoria. The tiny art baskets you’ve asked about are a collaboration by my wife and me. In general, I decorate the lids, and she does the lathe work and weaving of the basket portions. When we have some available, they are usually sold through the Penn Cove Gallery (

      We don’t often do this kind of work any more since I have developed medical sensitivities to the wood and antler dusts involved, and I have mainly shifted my work to metals.

      We do have the Hummingbird Art Basket available that we finished before Christmas. You can see it here: Hummingbird Art Basket – More Adventures in Press Forming



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