Hummingbird Art Basket – More Adventures in Press Forming

Here’s another little art basket my wife and I collaborated on.  This little hummingbird basket is about three inches in diameter.

Hummingbird_Skull_Basket_web_1 Hummingbird_Skull_Basket_web_2
The basket itself is made from ziricote (the rim and base) and is woven with waxed Irish linen.  The pyrographed lid is from an antique piece of old-growth cherry given to us by a friend.  He had it sitting around since about 1970, and it came to him from his grandfather, so it has been seasoning for considerably longer than that.  It turned like a dream, leaving an incredibly huge pile of really long, paper-thin ribbons!  Then I added a bit of naturally-shed elk antler for the copper hummingbird skull to rest on, with Tolkien-esque runes spelling out Earth, Air, and Water.

It’s currently available at the Penn Cove Gallery in Coupeville, Washington.

Thanks for looking!

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