Nazgul Holdout Stiletto – Part 1

Well, now for something a bit different.  I came up with this idea watching the Lord of the Rings movies, and was picturing the head Nazgul (the Witch King) sitting in the bar playing poker with his minions, and wondering what sort of weaponry such a gambler might employ to deal with a minion who was winning too frequently.  I don’t picture a Nazgul as being very happy losing at poker.   Here’s the result of that muse…..

Above, I’ve begun to make a Blacksmith Cube Twist, also sometimes called a Rubik’s Cube Twist, in a quarter inch scquare piece of W! high carbon steel.  It begins by cutting deep grooves in the center of each of the four faces of the bar.  Click here for an excellent YouTube video by Gary Huston, a British blacksmith, making one of these twists.

Once the grooves were cut, I used a jeweler’s saw to saw down to the bottom of the grooves on two opposite corners.  These will form the cubes during the twist.

And, here is the twist completed, in this case a full 360 degrees.  Next, I’ll begin forging the blade end.  I’m shooting for a smaller version sort of like my Dragonslayer Spike Poniard and Reliquary (click here).

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  1. Thanks for sharing and distributing your knowledge, skill and insperation! I’m always eager to learn more…

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