Dragonslayer Spike Poniard and Reliquary

My latest major project, the Dragonslayer Spike Poniard and Reliquary (and The Project From Hell). I guess you can call it finished, but it turned into one of those projects where it became more abandoned than completed – it just kept insisting that I add another element, then another, then another and so forth.  I seem to have a lot of those.

Anyway, it’s a fantasy integral poniard dagger, made from 1045 carbon steel, 15 inches overall length. The reliquary is fabricated from a brass rail from the bar in the historic Leopold hotel in Bellingham, Wshington (the state, not the puzzle palace), brass rod, boxwood, black walnut, desert ironwood, fossil ivory and steel with engraved runes. On the sculpted raw steel handle are four hand engraved and carved dragons and four Viking-ish helmeted dudes.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

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