Cherry Blossom and Dragonfly Tsuba Pendant part 6

Finally finishing this one up.

Above, have cut the ribs in the dragonfly wings, and begun the texture on the wings.

Above, the wings are finished.

Above, everything finished, and patina applied.

Above, finished with the carving, patina applied, and inked. Only have to affix the chain, and it’s ready to go!

Here are the final images of the Cherry Blossom and Dragonfly Tsuba Pendant, complete with chain and jump ring. The last image shows it in my hand for a sense of scale.

Soon available for purchase at 

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4 Responses to Cherry Blossom and Dragonfly Tsuba Pendant part 6

  1. Jordi Cruset says:

    Hi tom. Very beautiful work.
    Can you show me the tools you use to make it at my email please?

    • metal_musings says:

      Hi Jordi,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ll send you a few pictures and brief description of the tools to your email address.


  2. S Ingram says:

    It’s beautiful! Really nice work.

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