Experimenting with Titanium part 3

Finally finished.  I sculpted the other moth using a flat graver and a fairly large hardened steel punch.  I did finally go with stippling the background with a sharp, four sided punch, but initially had some problems with the steel stipple tip I used.  It would work for a few stipples, then immediately dull, turned into a smooth tipped sculpting punch by the tough titanium.  I solved the problem by turning a small carbide bur into a stippling punch.  That worked like a charm!  Now I need to order some chains.

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  1. Doug Sutherland says:

    Hi Tom, I just got in some cp titanium. Commercially pure. It seems to cut like a dream. I could send you a pc if you would like to try it. Im sure you would love it compared to the alloyed version you just cut.

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