More Fun with Titanium

Here’s a small Praying Mantis pendant in 1/8 inch thick Grade 2 titanium.  It was a delight to engrave, unlike the AL6V4 titanium I tried earlier.

Above is my take on a “knapped” Ishi arrow point, also hand carved from 1/8 inch thick grade 2 titanium. copper tubing and a silver rivet.  These finely worked “Ishi” points are named after the last “wild” Native American who appeared out of the wilderness in the early 1900’s and lived out his last days in a museum in Berkeley, California, often making these style points for museum patrons.  Ishi points are something like the Holy Grail of pressure flint knapping.  If a knapper can make one of these long, ultra thin points with expanded notches, then he or she can knap any style of point.  Lately I’ve been doing my “knapping” in metal.  I break a lot fewer points that way 😉

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