Engraving a Serge Panchenko Bean Knife “Koi and Waves”

Above, Serge finished making the other parts and assembled the completed knife.  Photos courtesy of sergeknives.com.


Starting another sergeknives.com collaboration on a sweet bronze Bean knife scale, this time with a Japanese-style Koi and Waves theme. There will be a few dots of gold, and a gold koi eye.

Sculpting the waves and the koi. It’s starting to look like something now!

I textured all the wave surfaces today, as well as finished the 24 karat gold inlays.

sergeknives.com “Koi and Waves” Bean knife scale is finished! Back to Serge on Monday for assembly, I can’t wait to see how the whole package turns out… Both signatures on the backside, ’cause I couldn’t bear to interfere with the front…

Thanks for looking!

Tom Sterling



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