Engraving a Serge Panchenko Bean Knife “Koi and Waves”

Above, Serge finished making the other parts and assembled the completed knife.  Photos courtesy of sergeknives.com.


Starting another sergeknives.com collaboration on a sweet bronze Bean knife scale, this time with a Japanese-style Koi and Waves theme. There will be a few dots of gold, and a gold koi eye.

Sculpting the waves and the koi. It’s starting to look like something now!

I textured all the wave surfaces today

, as well as finished the 24 karat gold inlays.

sergeknives.com “Koi and Waves” Bean knife scale is finished! Back to Serge on Monday for assembly, I can’t wait to see how the whole package turns out… Both signatures on the backside, ’cause I couldn’t bear to interfere with the front…

Thanks for looking!

Tom Sterling



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