Engraving a Serge Panchenko Gen3 Dogtag Knife “Scrolls and Fly”

Working on a special sergeknives.com Gen 3 Dog Tag with a small surprise. 2 inches long

, bronze. Hopefully it will be done in time for Blade, so visit Serge’s table and see it in person!

The three steps of removing the background. The bottom image has been stippled with a tiny sharp point.

Sculpting the fly, start to finish…

sergeknives.com Gen3 finished

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, and Serge has it all assembled. The handle is bronze and 2 inches long (the blade is a little shorter, I’m not certain). Serge will have it at Blade, so be sure and stop by table 16G and say hi to Julie and Serge and fondle these little beauties!

Thanks for looking!

Tom Sterling


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