Making the “Puget Sound Dagger” Day 6

I finally finished the design to be engraved on one side of the knife.  I’ll be putting in more secondary elements than are shown in this design once these lines are cut – the little doodads will need to shoehorned into the spaces left – easier to do that on the fly than to try and include them in the main plan.

I found a really excellent black and white illustrator on the web, Daniel Mitsui, and I’m really impressed with his work, and especially the detailed backgrounds.  I’ve incorporated some of his ideas into the in-between spaces in my design – they seem really appropriate for the design.  Thanks for the inspiration, Daniel!  Here’s a lnk to Daniel’s web site, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Here I’ve finished the line engraving on the left hand side.  This is how the line engraving looks before inking.  For those who might be interested, I used a Lindsay Universal graver, with 50 degree face, in my Lindsay Palm Control pneumatic engraver.

Here are the lines inked in with Rustoleum.  Next I have to fill in all the empty spaces with all the little plankton doodads.

I’ve added in all the secondary and tertiary elements, and then inked the new additions.

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