Engraved Spyderco Cricket “Surprise” Knife

I started a new engraved knife – Mary Alice won’t let the wicked rest… This one is a Spyderco Cricket knife with a skulls and ribbons design.  These little Spyderco stainless steel knives are a dream to engrave, and are very well made, with nice smooth actions.

Above is the pattern I’ve adapted to this shape of knife.

Above, I’ve transferred the design to the knife, ready to start cutting the outlines.

Above, I’ve been cutting the lines. This picture shows the knife in my engraver’s vise.

Another view of the same.

Above, busy carving out the background after the lines were cut.

Here the background is finished.

And, finally, inked in. Next I’ll have to shade it to make it look like it’s 3D.

Above, working on shading all of the over and unders and the details on the skulls.

And here it’s inked and finished!  Excellent photo courtesy of BladeGallery.com

This knife is currently available for purchase at BladeGallery.com.




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