Cherry Blossom and Dragonfly Tsuba Pendant part 1

Here’s my next project attempt! It’s a tsuba (Japanese sword guard) pendant with cherry branches, cherry blossoms and a dragonfly. The first image is a Photoshopped version of two antique tsuba, and the second image is my pattern I drew from that.

I cast a small shibuichi ingot (precious Japanese art bronze, 25% silver, 75%copper) and forged it out into a plate, then soldered a .999 Fine silver backing on it so the copper alloy won’t be against the new owner’s skin.

The image above is of the silver back of the raw pendant after cutting it out of the (sort of!) square sheet, and ready to begin engraving and carving. Wish me luck – this is a first for me……

Above are the outlines cut (engraved) into the shibuichi.

This image has the lines darkened, for better visibility.

Next, I have to use a tiny jeweler’s saw to cut out all of the negative spaces. That will probably take all of tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Cherry Blossom and Dragonfly Tsuba Pendant part 1

  1. Doug Sutherland says:

    Hi Tom, You dont need any luck. You look like your good at this. I work in the jewelry business and i worked with some shibuichi for the first time a few weeks ago. Love it. Looking forward to the finished pc.

  2. S Ingram says:


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