Nazgul Holdout Stiletto – Part 5

Today, I finally finished up the sheath for this little dagger.


Above you can see the leather liner and the small piece of goat rawhide I’ll use for the outside.  I’ll have to soak the rawhide in warm water for a while to soften it enough to bend around the leather liner and be sewn.

And here, above, are two views of the finished sheath with the frog in place beneath the rawhide.  The sheath is quite stiff when fully dry.

Here you can see the four sides I carved the Nazgul helmet for the pommel.  Can you see the Nazgul inside the helmet?

And above, detail shots of the carvings.


Available soon at

Thanks for Looking!

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2 Responses to Nazgul Holdout Stiletto – Part 5

  1. Luis Paulo says:

    Wow !!
    Thanks for sharing !
    Tom, you are a artist that inpires me a lot !!

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