Clockwork Trilobite – Part 6

Starting the carving today.

Here I’ve set the trilobite (right side up this time) in Thermolock™ and drawn in the exoskeleton.  I’ve also used a tiny carbide bur to do a “scribble” texture on the gears and the surface they sit on.

Those huge rivets for the eyes have been bothering me, so I trimmed them down a great deal, above.

Here I’ve engraved all the exoskeleton lines in.  I’ve done this three times in order to achieve the depth I need.  The first pass was with a Lindsay Universal graver

, the second with a 90 degree (also called a square graver) and the last pass with an onglette graver.  I couldn’t just go straight to the onglette at this kind of depth – it’s very thin and isn’t the most manly of gravers and would have broken.

Above I’ve used a flat graver and cut angled facets to “round” the exoskeleton elements.  You can still see some areas I haven’t rounded yet.

Above I’ve detailed some around the eyes and added a quick patina to visualize what needs to be done next.  Tomorrow I’ll attack the ‘bite with a punch to smooth out all the rounded exoskeleton elements, and leaving a nice texture.

Thanks for looking!

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