William Henry “Engraved Longhorn Beetle Knife” Part 12

Above, I’ve been adding inlaid gold to the centipede legs.  The leg at the left is finished, and I’ve just used a brass punch to set the gold in the right leg.


Kup Tadacip bez recepty w Warszawie

, you can still see a little waste gold hanging off the right side where I used the brass punch against the sharp steel top edge of the inlay cut as a shear to remove the excess.  Also, on the third leg from the left, you can see where I used a V graver to cut the top surface of the leg, followed by a flat graver driven in at the bottoms of the cut at right angles to the length of the cut.  This provides a gap on both sides at the bottom of the V cut for the soft gold to flow into and be trapped into place.

Above is after three and a half hours of work – almost done, but I’m tired and going further will increase the chances of a mistake dramatically, so that’s enough for today.

And here is the whole Side B scale.  So close!  Have you noticed the tiny jumping spider at 1 o’clock?  My girls badgered me into putting that in, claiming it needed something in that area…never question your Better Half and her accompanying fan club…………….

Thanks for looking!

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