Yet Another Baby Sea Turtle Pendant

baby_sea_turtle_II_1 Back to work with a baby sea turtle tag.  I swear this is the last one!  Top left then clockwise – cutting out, soldering on silver backing, and rough grinding…

baby_sea_turtle_II_3Upper left image

, deepened the background by twice around the edges with a square graver.  Bottom right image, beginning the sculpting (rounding) with a flat graver.

Top left then clockwise – sculpting the shell and head with carbide burs and tiny punches. Not much depth to work with, but fortunately a little goes a long ways…

Finished the front side by marking out the turtle tracks, carving them in the textured sand. Bottom, smoothed and final patina. Next, the gold sand dollar on the back.

Finishing up the back. From top left then clockwise, creating the pocket for the inlaid gold sand dollar, roughing up the bottom, setting the 24 karat gold wire, smoothing and detailing the sand dollar…

Baby Sea Turtle Tag finished! 1.5 inches tall, front is hand engraved and carved stainless steel, sterling silver back with inlaid 24 karat gold sand dollar. Thanks for looking!

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3 Responses to Yet Another Baby Sea Turtle Pendant

  1. Mandy says:

    Adorable! Truly adorable! I am so jealous that you can make something so beautiful. Such skill. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Caty Blom says:

    Thanks for sharing, I like it and I will give it a try by myself

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