“Bad Day at Green River” Pendant

93309_1_b93309_2_bAbove images courtesy of Bladegallery.com

Fossil_Fish_Pendant_1Starting a new experiment with engraved fossils – the “Bad Day at Green River” pendant. Titanium

, about 2 inches tall, with 24 karat gold inlays.

Upper left, inlaid gold with no embellishment. Lower right, engraving very tiny (almost invisible) lines in the titanium just outside the gold really makes it pop.

Adding more little fossil fishes…

Adding in the stone finish and cutting away the recesses simulating layered stone, the top left fish fossil has the background finished like I’m planning.

Almost done! A quick inking with burnt umber to warm it up a little and bring out the gold. Now I have to ponder it for a while…

“Bad Day at Green River” pendant finished. Hand engraved and carved titanium, 24 karat gold inlays, silver hardware, leather neck cord. Thanks for looking and all the support!

Thanks for looking!

Tom Sterling


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