Steelhead and Buckskin Pouch – for Renee

Renee wanted to know if I had any of these little carved moose antler fish for sale.  Unfortunately, for health reasons I no longer carve any kind of natural materials, so I don’t have any of the fish for sale.  She made a buckskin pouch using my tutorial (which can be found for free in the Resources section of this blog – here:  She also thought she might try her hand at carving her own little fish dangles.

So, thanks for the kind words Renee, and here are some better photos of the little carved antler fish.  I hope they are of use to you in your carving adventures!  Don’t overlook my free 300+ page netsuke carving tutorial ( – there are lots of hints there to help you with the tools and techniques for carving antler and other natural materials

Gutted_Steelhead_Buckskin_Pouch_9 Gutted_Steelhead_Buckskin_Pouch_1

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2 Responses to Steelhead and Buckskin Pouch – for Renee

  1. Renee says:

    Thank you so much. This is very helpful!!

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