Gold and Titanium Dragonfly Earrings

I started on a pair of titanium earrings for a friend. These will have 24 karat gold inlaid dragonfly bodies, and are about 0.75 inches square.

Deb_Dragonfly_Earrings_Posting_2The first few steps to inlay the gold wire in the dragonfly earrings. You can see the first gold wire tacked in place down the length of the dragonfly (lower right image) along with the double ended knife I use to trim the wire.

Deb_Dragonfly_Earrings_Posting_3 Scraping the excess gold using the small scraper (bottom images) followed by the carbide burnisher (upper right).

Deb_Dragonfly_Earrings_Posting_4 Stoning the gold with a Gesswein EDM stone (600 grit) to smooth the surface. I leave the gold at 600 grit because I like the look of the raw gold.

These earrings provided a nice way to show my process of background removal that will eventually make the design pop.

Deb_Dragonfly_Earrings_Posting_6Finished! Here I’ve added in all the body and wing details

, and done the final inking in the lower image. Thanks for looking and all your great support!

Thanks for Looking!

Tom Sterling

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