Burl Noggin part 4

I’ve been working this morning to remove the background of the engraved copper disk.

I used my NSK micromotor grinder and several sizes of very small carbide burrs to carve away the background, leaving a pleasing texture behind.

I fastened the antler crown with the epoxied engraving in my engraver’s vise, using the same hardwood block I used during turning in my lathe.  You can see the engraving with the background cut away here.

Here’s the bottom of the antler crown after I popped it off of the walnut sacrificial block.

And here I’ve begun carving away the flat part on the bottom, this time using my Foredom and a very large and aggressive carbide burr.

And, here’s the bottom after carving and sanding it smooth, and dyeing it with some brown leather dye to get rid of that garish white color.  I want this to look old and a bit the worse for wear when I’m finished.

And, finally, the engraved copper frog after inking in the cuts and background areas.

And the back with the carved cord holes.  I think we’ll call this done, except for a coat of linseed oil in a couple of days when the ink is fully cured, and of course, stringing the button and the burl noggin together.

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