Dragonsbane Poniard – Part 5 – The Dragon

Dragonsbane_Poniard_22Time to start carving the dragon on the pommel. Above, I’ve colored the steel with a white permanent marker so I can draw on it in pencil. Once I had the basic layout penciled in, I engraved the lines to make them permanent, and then began carving away the excess steel with a large ball shaped carbide bur. “Large” means it is about 1/8 of an inch in diameter…

This is a real challenge to use in my engraver’s vise since the dagger is so long. The carving is being done at the end near the vise, and the long side sweeps across my work surface, bumping into everything, and I can’t turn it in a full circle since I’m in the way…Oh, well…

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, 192, 227, 0.230469); -webkit-composition-frame-color: rgba(77, 128, 180, 0.230469);”>Dragonsbane_Poniard_24 Above, I’ve established all of the basic anatomic masses of the dragon’s head. From here I’ll begin working on establishing finer and finer details, using a combination of gravers, burs, scrapers and abrasives.

After more detail work and decisions concerning scale layout, I’ve finished the basic head anatomy on the left side, as well as deciding how the area beneath the jaw is formed. Tomorrow I’ll match up the right side.

Above, just to see how things will look at the end, I’ve thrown on a quick darkening of the steel.

Thanks for looking!

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