Dragonsbane Poniard – Part 6 – The Dragon

The lower jaw looked a little thick to me, so I adjusted it.  The right side of the above image is after I engraved the jaw line and removed the excess metal.  The left, with the blue arrows, still shows some of the excess metal to go.  I want this to look like an alligator’s under jaw/throat area, with a dewlap of skin like she is just getting ready to exhale (fire, of course…)



, above, three views of the top of the head, where I’ve added in the jagged scales on her top centerline, and scaled up the cranium.

Dragonsbane_Poniard_36Above, four views of how far I got today.  A good deal more detailing to go, as well as fighting with the awkward work holding.  Remind me not to do detailed long pieces next time.

Thanks for looking!

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