“Greenman in Autumn” Pendant Dagger, Part 2

I started the engraving by cutting all the major lines. Next I’ll inlay gold wire into the Celtic beard…

Inlaying gold wire, from top left clockwise – undercutting the line (blue arrows) – hammering in wire – more hammering – all wire in place

Clockwise from upper left – scraping away excess gold – completely scraped – stoning smooth – tiny highlighting lines around the gold. Next, sculpting and background removal

Upper Left and Right – excavating the background around the gold Celtic beard – LR stippling the background – LL I just had to ink it to see how it would look. Next is carving the face…

Sculpting and background removal. Then I couldn’t resist inking it to get a glimpse of the future…

Sculpting and background finished. Next will be creepy antler eyes like the Hobo Nickel skull…

Waiting for epoxy to cure for the creepy antler peg eyes…

Upper left and clockwise

, the final step is making double inlaid creepy eyes of antler and dark horn. Final pics tomorrow…

“Greenman in Autumn” Pendant Dagger finished! 1084 steel blade, titanium scales, 24 karat gold inlay, double inlaid antler and dark horn eyes, with titanium, silver and copper sheath.

Above images courtesy of Bladegallery.com

Thanks for the support and encouragement and thanks for looking!

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2 Responses to “Greenman in Autumn” Pendant Dagger, Part 2

  1. mark R says:

    How do I order the dagger pendant

    • metal_musings says:

      Hi Mark,

      The “Greenman in Autumn” Pendant Dagger is currently available at Bladegallery.com, price is $995. While they haven’t got it listed on their website, it is currently available and you can contact them at or by phone at (425) 889-5980.


      Tom Sterling

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