The “Alchemy” Locket

I forgot I made this necklace for my daughter a couple of years ago, and she says she gets all sorts of compliments whenever she wears it.  This was made from a steal washer from the local hardware store, copper, and a dash of silver for the rivets.  The diameter is 1.75 inches in diameter and hangs on an 18 inch leather cord that sits the medallion just under the collarbone.

The symbols carved into the washer are alchemical sigils that give the locket an air of mystique and magic, while the grotesque throws in a hint of violence.  Definitely a conversation piece, and follows my “ugly/weird horror” theme that tells a story.  The mechanical hinge is also reminiscent of the steampunk style that is popular right now

, combining the old with the new for a fractured fairytale feel.


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